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Books for Anxiety
Kari Dunn Baron. When my worries get too big: A relaxation book for children who live with anxiety.
Dawn Huebner. What to do when you worry too much: A kid’s guide to overcoming anxiety.
Lori Lite. Sea Otter Cove: A relaxation story

Books on privacy and sexuality
Jan Hindman.  A touching book: for little people and for big people
Shana Nichols. Girls growing up on the Autism spectrum: What parents and professionals should know about the pre-teen and teenage years
Cornelia Spelman. Your body belongs to you.

Books on anger
Dawn Huebner. What to do when your temper flares: A kid’s guide to overcoming problems with anger
Lori Lite. Angry Octopus: A relaxation story

Books on Social Skills and Social Communication

Brenda Smith Myles et al., The hidden curriculum: Practical solutions for understanding unstated rules in social situations
Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke. You are a social detective: Explaining social thinking to kids
Michelle Garcia Winner. Thinking about you, Thinking about me
Michelle Garcia Winner. Social Behaviour Mapping
Michelle Garcia, Inside out: What makes a person with social cognitive deficits tick


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