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Building on Under the Kindness Tree

 In this group we will :

  • explore the hidden social rules in different interactions and environments
  • explore perspective taking through social behavior mapping
  • explore friendships 

8 Weeks, Children ages 8-11  MAXIMUM 6 – 8 children

COST: $350. Payment required at time of registration.

UNDER THE KINDNESS TREE: Giving Children Social Roots

This group is appropriate for children who may experience difficulties in social interactions. Challenges may include reading nonverbal communication, knowing how to enter a group, maintain interactions or manage frustration/anxiety in a group setting. Children may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, social anxiety, nonverbal learning disorder or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder.  

In this group we will focus each session on:

  • Increasing basic understanding and practice of non-verbal communication such as tone of voice, gestures, thinking with our eyes and body language.
  • Teach problem solving skills for interacting and conversing in a group
  • Play interactive games and engage in activities that allow children the opportunity to participate and practice (with coaching if needed) successful social interactions.
  • Review and practice frustration tolerance and anxiety management as needed
  • As well, we invite parents and children to let us know any areas they would like see addressed.

Kindred Kids and all employees, contractors and volunteers work from a strengths based perspective. This means that we build up and extend upon children and their families' strengths  We believe in listening to what children want to learn, as well as hearing the parents. In each session there will be an opportunity for children to share their general ideas and thoughts, as well be given the space to let us know if there is anything they want to learn.

  • 8 Weeks 
  • Children ages 8-11  MAXIMUM 6 – 8 children
  • COST: $350. Payment required at time of registration. 

PLEASE NOTE that a small screening process will occur before registration can occur the appropriateness of this program for your child. Ability to participate in a small group without one-on-one support is required. Children must be toilet trained.

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