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Kindred Kids provides services to children with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses. We offer consultation, counselling, parent and family coaching and groups for children.

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Calgary, Alberta

Our Vision

To encourage and build on the strengths of children with developmental disabilities through collaboration with families and professionals

 Our Mission 

Kindred Kids endeavors to support children's development through individualized and social support, and empower families with education and functional strategies to incorporate into their home and daily life. Kindred Kids works from a strengths-based, neurodiversity paradigm. As such we look for ways to  give tools to children and families, while also advocate against structural and attitudinal barriers in society.

Our Philosophy 

  • We believe a family’s knowledge and contributions are invaluable to their children and are an integral part of the program.
  • We believe all children have strengths and those strengths can be maximized and used in order to enhance areas of needs.
  • We believe in a multi-faceted approach and employ methods based on the child’s interest and motivation.
  • Through individualized and group programs we work with families to build and create opportunities to provide and practice teaching moments in both structured and impromptu environments.
  • We believe in professionals who believe in the potential of children. We draw upon multi-disciplinary team when necessary to ensure needs are addressed across all developmental areas.


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